Good aftercare practices will lead to beautiful tattoos that stand the test of time.

Your friends have the best intentions and the worst advice. If you have any questions about your healing tattoo, please contact the shop or artist directly.


The Day of Your New Tattoo

The tattoo should remained wrapped and covered from the time you acquire it, until the next morning.

Wrapping the tattoo will help it heal faster, prevent scabbing, and reduce the risk of scar tissue.

It is okay to clean and rewrap the tattoo freshly during this period. If you need to reapply the bandage, wash the tattoo area thoroughly, then pat the area dry. Allow the tattoo to breatheĀ and then reapply wrapping prior to bed.


The Day AFTER Your New Tattoo

Remove plastic bandage in the morning and wash the tattoo off in warm water. Lather unscented, mild soap gently with your (clean) hands. Pat your tattoo dry gently, with a CLEAN towel.

Let you tattoo breathe all and wear loose clothing over it. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ON THE TATTOO!

Before you go to bed, wash your tattoo with soap and water, then pat dry. Re-WRAP your tattoo, and leave on overnight.


The Day AFTER Your New Tattoo

Wash you tattoo off with soap and water. Your tattoo may begin to feel dry today, if so, use a mild and unscented lotion (Lubriderm).


This includes Neosporin, A&D, Tattoo Goo, Vasoline or any other petroleum based product.

Lotion the tattoo 2 or 3 times per day for the next few days. Do not over use lotion on the tattoo as that may cause rashes and break outs.

During this period your tattoo may become dry, itchy and flaky while it “peels“. It is important that you do not scratch or pick at the tattoo during this time.


Good Tattooing Is For Life

  • The sun hates your tattoos, not just while they heal, but forever, sunscreen will keep the tattoo looking better for longer
  • Healthy skin makes for pretty tattoos. Well cared for, moisturized skin is the canvas your tattoo is painted on, take care of it
  • While healing your tattoo, make sure only to use new and clean towels and bedsheets.
  • If you have questions about your healing tattoo please get in touch with the shop or your artist

Please Call With Any Questions or Concerns That Might Arise While Healing Your New Tattoo

(704) 333-3466

Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

Nothing ages your skin (and thus your tattoo) faster than UV light. Direct light exposure ages tattoos rapidly. Sunscreen for life.

No Advice From Anyone Other Than Your Artist

If you have questions about your tattoo healing process, please call the shop at (704) 333-3466

Consult The Proper professionals First

Questions about diabetic issues, blood thinners, and skin health issues should always be addressed with a doctor BEFORE making your tattoo appointment

All Work Guaranteed to Heal Properly

All work done by BST tattoo artist is guaranteed to heal properly, when cared for properly, up to one year from initial application*