Charlotte's Best

BST Tattoo is dedicated to quality work, and enjoyable experiences.

Almost 100 years of experience fuels craftsmanship and quality. Our artists are specialists, years of work and countless awards reflect the care and curation that goes into our artist selection.


Dave Scearce started tattooing in the early 90’s in Durham NC. Never doing a apprenticeship. Totally self taught artist and tattoo artist. Then quickly moved to Richmond Va.
While in Richmond Scearce worked hard to promote himself and grow as a artist and a tattoo artist. Learning how to make his own pigments and needles as well as how to rebuild tattoo machines. Drawing everything by hand and learning as much as possible about color theories and techniques. Getting tattooed by other artist he looked up to and admired to also learn anything he could. At the time the internet was still in its infancy. So you had to work extremely hard to gain the trust of other artist because information wasn’t easily shared. And even harder to promote yourself. There was no social media at the time. Scearce moved back to Durham eventually and then in 2002 after the birth of his son moved to Charlotte.
Working long days and long hours tattooing full time for many years. And started building a large clientele. He then decided after many years and many sleepless nights to start his own Tattoo Business. But what to call it? That was the question.
After a few months of brainstorming and talking it over with friends and family, he had chosen the name. So in 2008 he opened Blood Sweat & Tears Tattoo! No other name could describe the years of hard work and well, Blood Sweat & Tears he had put into his tattoo career. After opening BSTTATTOO he covered the walls with magazine articles from over the years and was even voted Best Local Tattoo Artist by Creative Loafing in 2013. So when you hear the words Blood Sweat & Tears know it took years of all three to create our tattoo studio. Thank you from the entire staff! We appreciate you very much. And thank you for supporting BSTTATTOO!


Whenever possible we prefer to have all of our clients schedule an in-person consultation for their tattoo. This allows you to communicate your expectations, take an accurate assessment of the space available for the tattoo, and fine tune design concepts.

At the conclusion of that consultation that artist you have chosen to work with will help you select available appointment time. You will also be required to leave a deposit to hold the appointment time that you have selected.

If you must reschedule an appointment you have booked, please contact our front desk support staff at least 48 hours in advance at (704) 333-3466, and they will help you reschedule.

If you are unable to attend a consultation in person, details can be worked out with the shop and the artist you have selected.